Indonesia Media Monitoring Centre (IMMC) is also monitoring how the fluctuations in coverage about fuel price hike plans since 1st February 2012 until 31st March 2012. From the monitoring, it’s very clear that coverage about fuel price hike began to increase rapidly since the first week in February 2012 and peaked at fourth week.

“In the last week of February 2012 is when the certainty about fuel price hike plans began to crystalize. One came from the statement of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (president of Indonesia) which stated that even though those decisions are pretty harsh to bear, but it’s very important for national economy. This statement was the turning point from a coverage that was once rumor, becoming a reality,” said Farid.

Therefore, entering the first week of March 2012, coverage material shifted to other perspective, namely the effect from fuel price hike. At this point, public perception has since led by a common assumption: fuel price hike is a certainty. So, said Farid, psychologically speaking, the next coverage will be about the effect of that decision, namely about three aspects: the increasing prices for basic needs, the increasing of transportation fee and the social effect of fuel price hike.

Farid concluded that in the span of less than two months (February 2012 until March 2012), you can see the coverage dynamics about fuel price hike. These dynamics, according to Farid, will be even more visible until the planned accession which falls on 1st April 2012. “That would become the tip of an iceberg in coverage about fuel price hike,” said Farid.


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