Plan for fuel price hike has also created a configuration in alliance between political parties. From coverage about fuel price hike, the results from Indonesia Media Monitoring Centre (IMMC) were quite interesting. From 1st February 2012 until 13th March 2012, IMMC found a grand total of 128 coverage regarding responses from political parties to the plan for fuel price hike. From that amount, 60 (about 46.8%) are about the rejection for the plan (from some political parties). Meanwhile, there are 48 coverage (37%) being supportive on the plan and about 20 coverage (15.6%) tend to be neutral.

From 60 coverage that rejects the plan, 31 coverage (51.6%) came from PDI-P, 11 coverage (18.3%) came from PKS, 6 coverage (10%) came from Hanura and 5 coverage (8.3%) came from Gerindra.

About these numbers, Farid explained: “These configurations are quite reasonable, if we refer to the coalition, because PDI-P, Hanura and Gerindra are political parties from the opposition side. In other hand, PKS has shown quite a different attitude, because even though it was a part of the coalition, they also reject the plan for fuel price hike. But PKS political attitude could still change until the last seconds of the decision.”

Meanwhile, reporting about support for the plan (fuel price hike) are dominated by Partai Demokrat (21 coverage or 43.7%) and Golkar (19 coverage or 39.6%). After that, they were followed by PAN and PPP. “This is in line with coalition configuration that is composed of political parties, minus PKS,” said Farid.